Our auto enrolment solution actually makes the process easy

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Using the MAF accredited Creative Pension Trust, our solution is very different from other providers. Click below to find out why.


Finally, a complete single solution: we do all the preparation, pension and implementation.

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No complex decisions for you to make. No need to buy or upgrade payroll software.

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A pre-accepted solution you can recommend to your clients that makes the whole process easy.

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Our employee Helpline and Scottish Widows-managed pension mean you have security and peace of mind.

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Why choose us?

Finding a complete, end-to-end solution right now to the auto-enrolment headache is a challenge in itself.

Creative Auto Enrolment provides exactly that, cutting 103 man days of work* down to less than the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Using the MAF accredited Creative Pension Trust:

  • Our signup form takes just a couple of minutes
  • We automate almost the entire post-signup process
  • No costly payroll software or complex decision making
  • We provide the setup, pension and implementation
  • We provide a dedicated Helpline and employee portal
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* Source: CEBR 'Finding your way out of the auto enrolment maze' 

Our solution is unique in that we manage the automatic enrolment process AFTER the employer has closed its payroll run.

This means staff can always be paid on time - there is never any risk that the automatic enrolment process itself might interfere with the employer’s normal payroll cycle.  

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