The only complete, automated solution to take away the headache of pensions Auto Enrolment.

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Why we are different

The duties imposed on you by Auto Enrolment are arduous and complex. Employers that fail to comply face penalties of between £50 and £10,000 per day.

Using the Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF) accredited Creative Pension Trust, we’ll take care of the entire process for you, making it straightforward, smooth and pain-free.

  • A complete one-stop online solution
  • Fully compliant solution - no complex decisions to make
  • Includes the pension,  setup, communications  and admin
  • Uses existing payroll functions - no new payroll software needed
  • We offer a dedicated Helpline for you and your employees

Our solution is unique in that we manage the automatic enrolment process AFTER the employer has closed its payroll run.

This means staff can always be paid on time - there is never any risk that the automatic enrolment process itself might interfere  with the employer’s normal payroll cycle. 

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Have any questions or need help with Auto Enrolment? Our staff are here to help.

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Auto Enrolment in detail

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Swiss Army Knife Leaders

This independent report, carried out by world renowned, independent economic forecasting and analysis agency 'Cebr' (Centre for Economics and Business Research) examines why the burden of admin on small businesses costs the UK economy £4.7bn.

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Common questions

Will you accept all my employees?

Yes. The funds we invest in have pre-accepted terms for all employees.

I have an existing pension scheme. Can I use this for new members?

You need consultancy. To make an initial appointment please call our Helpdesk on 0845 606 0424. (Consultancy is charged at £325, offset against any agreed implementation fees).

Who do I need to include for Auto Enrolment?

Include everyone on your payroll. We will assess each of them against government criteria.

How do I put the data back into payroll?

Our solution is not middleware and there is no need to put any data back into your payroll system. You provide us with information about the contributions that have been deducted for this pay period and we will tell you if you need to make any changes before you next run the payroll.

How much does this cost?

Our charges are very low. Click here for a guide to our charges.

From preparation, though to pension choice and administration, we take care of it all for you. So you can take care of your business.

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